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Connector Single gold-plated USB Anti-Ghosting True NKRO (6KRO switch included) Switches Fully Mechanical Cherry MX Type Switch lifecycle 50 Million keystrokes Backlit Individually-backlit (orange) keys with 4-level settings Cable Braided 1.8M Keycap Material Tough ABS Media Keys Volume Rocker, Play/Pause/Previous and Next Track Macro Keys Up to 21 keys


Fully Mechanical: The first and the foremost of all, this is a fully mechanical keyboard. What does that mean? Simple, each and every key of the keyboard is mechanical which in this case are Cherry MX keys. The keyboard is offered in all Cherry MX colored keys. One under review has Cherry MX Black keys. These switches have over 50 Million keystrokes life cycle which is 10X of a conventional keyboard. These keys are tactile and highly responsive which would result in higher Actions Per Minute.

Macro Keys: This keyboard features 21 Macro keys. This is like a paradise to the gamers who enjoy role playing or MMO type games where having macro keys would be beneficial. The Asus Strix Tactic Pro is equipped with 13 dedicated and easy-to-reach macro keys for hassle-free and fast command customization. 8 keys are implemented on F1 to F8 and can be activated using a combination of FN key and F1-F8 keys. The Asus Strix Tactic Pro also comes with an on-the-fly macro-recording key, so you can capture action and keystroke sequences without interrupting your game.

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